We are specialized in areas of law such as Intellectual Property, data protection and Internet law.
We carry out design and trademark applications and conduct extensive trademark searches in order to evaluate the risk of infringement of third parties rights. Moreover, title protection is brought forward by advertising a notice of title protection, which gives advance warning of the use of the title. After having obtained property rights, we maintain a careful brand monitoring and – where required – defend our clients in all conflicts regarding intellectual property rights.
If desired by our clients, we monitor new applications and shall contact the proprietor of a more recent mark to try to find a mutually acceptable solution by restriction or withdrawal of the application. If it appears that this goal cannot be attained, we shall file an opposition against the registration of the younger trademark with the relevant Office.
Industrial property rights are exclusive rights; this means that only the proprietor of an exclusive right is entitled to use this right or to license this right. If third parties make unlawful use of this property right – both identically or in slightly modified versions – we support our clients with the enforcement of their rights. This is accomplished by an authorization query or a warning letter and – if the better rights are not acknowledged by the infringer – is followed by an application for a temporary injunction or a main suit.
Apart from being active in the field of industrial property rights, we give advice to copyright holders and publishers of works protected by copyright on exploitation of license agreements. We also advise our clients with regard to securing works protected by copyright, in particular with regard to publications via the Internet. Apart from our representation with regard to copyrights such as written work, drawings, compositions, and the like, we also represent many clients regarding the exploitation of computer software. In this respect we assist our clients in drafting of contracts in the European Union and beyond.
Aside from the area of intellectual property rights with the rights mentioned above, we are also active in the field of competition law. In addition to the most frequently occurring infringements because of misleading advertising or assertion of incorrect facts, there are a lot of issues relating to competition law resulting from distance selling via the internet. Also with regard to these issues we will be happy to answer our clients’ questions and assist them in enforcing their rights and to handle the legal consequences of infringements.

We shall assist our clients in all issues regarding the rapidly growing distance selling via the internet and all questions of data protection which also includes the technical design of online shops as well as operation of online shops and the like.

We have clients ranging from branded companies, start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises and also sole traders. We offer comprehensive consulting in accordance with your needs and demands in order to protect your company and your property rights in relation to trademarks, designs (utility models and patents). Whether a small or globally active organization, we feel it is important to keep a personal contact and to respond to the needs of our clients.
In the field of industrial property it is very important to focus on the companies’ goals. It must be considered at an early stage what kind of protection shall be obtained – whether on a national, European or on an international basis. In open and honest discussions with you we try to figure out what it would take to achieve the best resolution for the protection of your rights. We are cooperating with patent lawyers and attorneys-at-law in almost every country in the world and therefore we are able to not only protect your rights both in Germany and in the European Union, but also abroad outside the European Community in close cooperation with our national colleagues in order to have trademarks registered, monitored, protected and defended and a lot more.
In our field of performance we wish to cover a broad range of activities for your company. This does not only include issues in the field of industrial and intellectual property rights, but our experience also applies to special areas such as IT-law, Internet law, data protection law and adjacent fields of law.
Training and education are provided to our lawyers and employees to ensure that their knowledge is up-to-date to evaluate which solution best meets your requirements.
If you have any questions about our services, or if you need a first assessment or face a particular problem, please do not hesitate to contact us. We shall be pleased to assist you in a first personal conversation and be at your disposal.