The IPR Group is a merger of law firms who consider the industrial property business their main task, e. g. obtaining and enforcing industrial property rights, e. g. patents, utility models, design patents, marks, semi-conductor topographies, varieties as well as copyrights.

IPR GroupThe main place of business of the IPR GROUP is Kiev where the Group was established. The IPR GROUP has a close network of local representatives in Russia as well as in all member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States (hereinafter called “CIS”). Apart from the close network of representatives in the field of “Industrial Property Rights” in Eastern Europe and in the Asian member states of the CIS, the IPR Group has additional members who are not only located in the territories adjacent to the CIS-states, but beyond. This means that the IPR Group has own representatives in the United States, Venezuela or Colombia as also in Western Europe, i.e. in the Federal Republic of Germany, France, Spain or Italy who assist the clients of the IPR Group before the administrative bodies and courts in matters pertaining to industrial property rights.

Apart from representing industrial clients through the IPR Group in matters concerning industrial property rights, the IPR Group offers training and education by own seminars and lecture events in the member states for the purpose of deepening the exchange of ideas concerning legal issues of industrial property rights.

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