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Nina Klenner was born in the Rhineland and studied law at the University of Bremen, specialising in criminal law. After completing her first state law examination, she completed her legal traineeship at the Hanseatic Court of Appeal in Bremen. Nina Klenner spent her legal traineeship at the Nachtwey IP law firm.

Ms. Klenner was admitted to the bar in 2021 and has been employed at the Nachtwey IP law firm since graduating as a fully qualified lawyer and then as a lawyer. Nina Klenner began working as a legal assistant at Nachtwey IP as soon as she started her legal traineeship and was thus able to constantly expand her experience in intellectual property law. Prior to that, she gained experience in social law at a legal tech firm.

In order to continue to deepen her knowledge of intellectual property law, Ms. Klenner attends specialist conferences and, from 2022, the specialist course for intellectual property law.

Competition law, trade mark law, design law, copyright


GRUR – Intellectual Property and Copyright

NVFGR – North German Association of specialist lawyers for Intellectual Property

Bremen Bar Association