At the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (Trade Marks and Designs), hereinafter abbreviated OHIM, located in Alicante, applications for designs for the whole territory of the European Union can be filed. Advantage of such an application is the wide territorial scope and low costs, in comparison to applications in each national office. Furthermore, Community designs obtain protection in the candidate regions of new Member States of the European Union. For example, Community designs that were deposited before 01.07.2013, achieve with the accession of Croatia „automatically“ a territorial extension to that country. Furthermore, the advantage of a community design is the equal protection of it with one single registration all over the territory of the European Union. All infringers may be taken responsible in the EU, if the proprietor is made aware of a violation. It is also specified in the Community Design Regulation that Member States must hold special courts, to decide disputes in community design matters.